With us, you will make an eco-friendly stay. We do everything to respect Nature, and to share our beliefs.

  • Our electricity comes from a renewable energy provider (Enercoop)

  • The house is heated with wood and our hot water too.

  • We use the laundry ashes, as our elders. On arrival, we will provide to you if you like, and if you are seduced, Pierre will show you how to make it concretely.

  • We use dry toilets. If you do not know this system, it is the opportunity to discover it … We take care of everything … For information, go to this site. If after your stay with us you are confident, we will provide you all the necessary equipment to install it at home !!

  • We eat the vegetables from our garden, eggs from our hens.

  • We present you all the local production of our country, because ecological food is primarily local food.

  • We still have plenty of projects to reduce nuisance to our planet, we will discuss it if you want.